Semi-Permanent Makeup

Get those perfect eyebrows and lips without the hassle of putting it on and taking if off!

Permanent Eyebrows

Eyeliners define the eyes, saving time allowing you to do what you love!

Permanent eyebrows help women and men whose eyebrow hair is lightly coloured, thin in places, sparse overall, or nonexistent. Permanent eyebrow shape eliminate the daily use of pencils, reshape, or recolor brows.

Semi-permanent Feathering Eyebrow shape - $399
Semi Permanent eyeliner - $299

Permanent Lip Colour

Fast, painless, semi-permanent lip coloured

Beneficial for:

Anyone who desires the freedom from daily make-up application
Sports, or active, people and those with oily skin who tend to lose their makeup love the convenience of long lasting cosmetic make-up.
People with sparse, thinning eyelashes and eyebrows. Particularly eyebrows that start to thin on the ‘outer third’.
People with allergies to make-up
Physically impaired or people with shaky hands e.g. Arthritis, M.S.
Visually impaired e.g. poor eyesight
Alopecia sufferers
Those who have experienced Chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Permanency of MicroPigmentation:
The length of time the pigment remains in the skin depends on the health of the skin and the your skins ability to absorb the pigment.

Semi Permanent Lip Colour - $499

Ball / Party Makeup - $50





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